What is and how can I access the gateway?

SmsHosting is a paid "SMS gateway", i.e. a service for collecting and sending SMS through the GSM mobile network in Italy and in 138 other countries.

Direct connection with major operators allows savings on the unit cost of each SMS, compared with that of sending from one's own mobile phone, and the creation of mobile applications for any device with internet access.

All that is needed for access to the SMS gateway is to: create an account in our registration section access the account from the login page subscribe to the desired SMS package from our purchase section complete the payment with the data specified in the order confirmation web page and in the e-mail sent to the address specified during registration.

As soon as our administration department receives confirmation of payment, a new e-mail will notify you that the credit has been activated and that text messages may now be sent.

Creating an account is free of charge and does not require the purchase of services provided by

If you wish, after registration, you can send an e-mail to requesting activation of trail SMS credit to gain "practical" knowledge of the functions offered by the gateway or the potential of SMS communications.