sms inbound |


This function allows you to receive incoming SMS sent directly from your mobile. The service is available in dedicated or shared mode.

The shared service using the same inbound gsm number for multiple customers and link the incoming SMS to a specific account by a key which must be placed in the top of each SMS received.

The dedicated service reserve, instead, a specific number for the user account, in this way do not need to enter any keyword in head to incoming messages.

The inbound SMS can be handled in different ways. All messages received are stored inside account and can be accessed via the web or via our API.

The incoming text messages can also be forwarded in real time to an external system by an HTTP call specified in the configuration.


 When an sms was received an HTTP GET call is generated with parameters 'number' and 'text' in which they are contained, respectively, the originator gsm number and the message text except the key (in the case of shared service)


The text messages can be also forwarded via email to an email address specified in the configuration.

In this case, one inbond SMS will generate an email with as email from and the message content is reported in the email body.

Using the service email2sms you can respond directly to the inbound message from your email client software

You can also save originator GSM numbers  on the online phonebook and in a particular group.